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Mechanical Performance Test Of Stainless Steel Forgings

May 24 2023

Mechanical performance test of stainless steel forgings: For the benefit of customers and our own reputation, each stainless steel forging product of our factory must be tested for mechanical performance. Generally, the main tests are yield, tensile, impact and other tests.

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At present, the company’s main testing equipment includes 1 universal mechanical performance testing machine, 1 impact testing machine, continuous rebar dosing machine, 1 ultrasonic flaw detector, 1 magnetic particle flaw detector, 2 thermometers, and 1 electric double-knife broaching machine. There are 1 set of impact cryograph, 1 set of metallographic microscope, 1 set of metallographic pre-grinding machine, 1 set of metallographic cutting machine, 2 sets of Brinell hardness tester, etc. Our factory can basically meet the needs of routine inspection of various forgings.

Final inspection:

final inspection of the finished stainless steel forgings to ensure that the appearance of the stainless steel forgings is smooth and free of defects such as cracks, and the dimensions are within the scope of the drawing requirements and inspection records are made.

Final warehousing:

The finished stainless steel forgings after quality inspection are simply packaged and placed in a special wooden box for forgings. After being nailed, they will enter the finished product warehouse for shipment. Ronsco Forging Factory can guarantee the quality of each stainless steel forging product, and each link has strict quality control.





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