The Basic Process Of Stainless Steel Forging Stamping

May 24 2023

Today we come to understand the basic process of stainless steel forging stamping.


It is a process of separating the sheet material along the unclosed contour, and its purpose is to cut a large area of sheet material into strips or small sheets suitable for punching. This work is usually carried out on a shearing machine.


Punching and blanking are collectively referred to as the blanking process, and they are both processes that separate the sheet material along a closed contour. The operating methods of punching and blanking are the same, but they have different functions. Blanking is the use of a die to punch a piece of metal from the blank as a finished product or a blank for next processing.

Deep drawing:

It is the process of making flat blanks into hollow parts, also known as drawing.


The process of turning a part of the stainless steel forging blank at a certain angle relative to the other part. The edges of the convex and concave molds of the bending mold must have certain rounded corners.





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