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The Purpose Of Forging Heat Treatment

May 24 2023

The heat treatment of forgings can be divided into two groups according to the purpose of heat treatment.

heat treatment of forgings

In the first group, the purpose of heat treatment of forgings is not only to provide good cutting performance for metal cutting, but also to prepare for the second heat treatment. Forgings belonging to this group are commonly made of carburizing steel, bearing steel, tool steel, etc.

The second group, the purpose of heat treatment of forgings is to obtain a proper organization and meet the technical requirements of the product. And under the premise of ensuring the technical requirements of the parts, there should be moderate hardness and small hardness deviation in order to obtain economic processing performance on metal cutting machine tools.

After the forgings are machined, no final heat treatment is required. This group of forgings is generally made of medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel. Common processes for heat treatment of forgings are annealing (including full annealing, isothermal annealing, spheroidizing annealing and other types of annealing), normalizing (including normalizing and high temperature tempering), and quenching and tempering (quenching and high temperature tempering).





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