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What is the application of forged flange on horizontal bending machine?

May 24 2023

Speaking of the bending machine, it is actually a kind of curved aluminum alloy material. So what is the application of the forged flange for the horizontal bending machine? The following relevant people will do a detailed analysis on this issue.

In general, model forging performed on a horizontal bending machine is mainly a bending process, and can produce a large number of curved forgings. Pig iron is generally used as a molding material.

1. Application of forged flange on the vertical punching machine

The model forging performed on the vertical press is mainly a lengthening process, and a large number of elongated forgings having a simple shape can be produced in large quantities. Fast and productive.

Second, the application of forged flange on the rotary machine

The model forging performed on the rotary machine is also mainly a lengthening process and can produce a large number of forgings of cylindrical, conical, oblate, semi-circular and other various shapes and lengths.

Third, the application of forging die on the roller machine

The model forging performed on the roller machine is also mainly a drawing process, and the belt-shaped forgings can be produced in whole or in part. The forgings on the forgings are connected to the forgings and the forgings are bent due to the use of rotating rollers to produce long strip forgings. Therefore, in the process, the rollers are always cut and peeled. The machine and the correcting machine are combined into a unit to work.

Fourth, the application of forged flange on water (oil) press

Features: It can squeeze deep-hole forgings; it can make deep-tube forgings; like other punching machines, it can manufacture three-dimensional forgings of various shapes.

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The process of forging the flange: preparing the blank; heating and removing the scale of the oxide; using a punch to press the blank into the cavity (forging die) to form the shape; extruding the deep hole; punching the deep hole. Thus there is a deep hole forging.

The main points of extrusion deep hole and position extension method: when the deep hole is squeezed, the metal should have a space to flow around; if the hole or hollow blank has been formed, further stretching should be carried out according to the wall thickness requirement, or two or More punching rings are used for the stretching process; extruded deep holes can be used with blanks with rounded square cross-sectional shapes.

Tools for squeezing deep holes and stretching: punches (squeeze punches, stretch punches), cavities, punching rings.





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