What are the details of the forged flange?

May 24 2023

Speaking offorging flanges, maybe everyone still doesn't understand its meaning. What exactly does it do? For this question, we ask professionals to introduce the introduction.

According to experts, the term "flange" is just a general term. It usually means that several fixed holes are provided in the periphery of a disk-like metal body for connecting other things. This thing is widely used in machinery, so it looks a bit strange.

Therefore, the flange is a disc-shaped part, which is most common in pipeline engineering, and the flanges are used in pairs. In plumbing, flanges are primarily used for pipe connections. In the pipelines that need to be connected, a variety of flanges are installed. The low-pressure pipelines can use wire-bonded flanges, and thewelding flangesare used at pressures above 4 kg. A gasket is placed between the two flanges and then bolted.

904L SORF & Blind Flange to Korea

Forged flangesof different pressures have different thicknesses and use different bolts.

Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipeline, the parts of this equipment are also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection.

Connection parts that are closed at the same time by bolting on both planes are generally referred to as "flanges". For example, the connection of ventilation ducts may be referred to as "flange parts".





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