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Why forged flanges are more popular

May 24 2023

For current industrial manufacturers, they are concerned about the cost of production, and the second is concerned with production. The two seem to have no connection, but they are actually unified. Because the quality of the equipment will not only affect the cost but also affect the production problem. Forged flanges are the most effective tool for pipe connection in modern industrial production facilities, and their role is enormous. So why is the forged flange so popular? Let's listen to the industry experts for a detailed introduction.

In fact, before the application of forged flanges, general flange products can be applied, but it is often difficult to meet the actual needs due to product quality problems. Because of this, the role of forged flanges in modern industrial production will become more and more prominent. Why is this so? What are the benefits of forging flanges?

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According to industry experts, forged flanges are mainly used for pipe connections. Install a flange at each of the pipes to be connected, use a wire flange for the low-pressure pipe, and use a welded flange for pressures above 4 kg. A gasket is placed between the two flanges and then bolted. Different pressure flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts.

Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipeline, part of this equipment, also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as forged flange connection. In industrial piping, forged flange joints are widely used. Forged flanges are produced on the basis of cast steel flanges, and their strength is much higher than cast steel flanges. The part that connects the pipe and the pipe is connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the forged flange, and the bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The forged flange is sealed with a gasket.

The rotary flange forging similar to free forging is also partially formed, which has the advantage that it can be formed in the case of a smaller forging force than the forging size. This kind of flange forging method including free forging, the material is expanded from the vicinity of the mold surface to the free surface during processing, so it is difficult to ensure the accuracy, so the movement direction of the forging die and the swaging process can be controlled by computer. Lower forging force results in products with complex shapes and high precision. For example, forgings such as steam turbine blades with a large variety and large size are produced.

In-depth development in the fields of pressure pipelines, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery parts, engineering machinery, steam turbines, steel making, auto parts, heavy machinery, etc., and forgings for pressure vessels of various containers, towers, heat exchangers, etc. The manufacture of plates and equipment flanges, manholes, defoamers, flame arresters, and other products are all extraordinary.

Therefore, the forged flange has better quality than the general flange product and is generally produced by die forging, and the crystal structure is fine and the strength is higher. Forged flanges are not a simple mechanical component in the usual sense, but a mechanical product carrier that contains a wealth of technical connotations.





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