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How to Avoid Deformation of 316 Stainless Steel Pipe During Welding?

May 24 2023

Stainless steel pipes need to be welded before they can be used. During welding, all kinds of heated stainless steel weldments will generally melt at high temperature, crystallize after cooling, and then material fusion is carried out. However, structural deformation is easy to occur in the welding process. Therefore, how to control it to avoid the deformation of 316 stainless steel pipe during welding?

1. Improve the control preparation before welding

During welding, if technicians want to strengthen the actual effect of welding operation and prevent deformation, they should improve relevant welding preparations before formal welding operation, so as to realize scientific and reasonable control of relevant numerical parameters of stainless steel welding process. Before welding operation, the specific operation method and welding parameter value must be determined. According to the actual shape and specifications of stainless steel materials, select targeted welding methods to realize the fixed operation of stainless steel pipes, and obtain the welding current value, temperature value and other parameter values of stainless steel materials, so as to fully prevent the occurrence of welding deformation.

2. Strengthen the control of welding process

In the process of welding operation, we must follow the relevant sequence: At the first, rolling with the welding machine. The specific equipment and operation process required by this method are particularly complex, so it can not be popularized and applied in specific welding work, but this method can effectively avoid the deformation problem of stainless steel pipe welding. Secondly, follow-up cooling with welding is adopted. The main function of this method is to reduce the residual stress produced in the welding process and the possibility of welding deformation. Last but not the least, the bilateral follow-up welding method can realize the uniform distribution of heat energy and smooth the change of internal strain stress of stainless steel, so as to reduce various residual stresses in the process of stainless steel welding.

3. Strengthen the control after welding

The actual control of 316 stainless steel pipe after welding is also very important. The basic control method includes three key points: Firstly, after completing the welding operation, in case of welding deformation, it shall be corrected in time. Moreover, if local thermal deformation occurs, heat treatment shall be carried out at the corresponding welding parts. Among various heating treatment methods, flame heating treatment has been widely used. The main advantage is that the actual application and operation are very fast and simple. In addition, the integral heating method can correct the billet deformation.





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