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What Is Stainless Steel Profile? Types And Applications Of Stainless Steel Profiles

May 24 2023

What is stainless steel profile? The so-called profiles are materials with fixed shapes, and there are many different shapes, but they all agree with the specifications. For example, right-angle profiles, pipe profiles, special profiles (special shapes). It is used more in engineering and construction. It can be used directly as a finished product instead of being formed by machining. It is very convenient and cheap (compared to formed by machining). Realized functions and features.

stainless steel flat bar stainless steel square bar

stainless steel flat bar

stainless steel square bar

stainless steel angle steel stainless steel I-beam

stainless steel angle steel

stainless steel I-beam

Stainless steel profiles are stainless steel rods with different cross-sectional shapes through hot melting and extrusion. The production process of stainless steel profiles mainly includes three processes: casting, extrusion and coloring. Among them, the coloring mainly includes: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying, wood grain transfer and other processes.

Stainless steel profile is used in engineering construction, based on stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it can make structural components permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design. Chromium-containing stainless steel also integrates mechanical strength and high extensibility, and is easy to process and manufacture parts, which can meet the needs of architects and structural designers. After the first practical application, the stainless steel profile has standard stainless steel angle steel, flat steel and square steel.

Stainless steel has a wide range of uses. It can cover every corner of your life, such as bed frames, window frames, mobile phone shells, keys, spoons, railings, and so on. And its wide range of uses is not only attributed to the performance of stainless steel, but also partly due to the diversification of stainless steel profiles. The types of stainless steel profiles include angle steel, flat steel and square steel.

The following are the specifications of stainless steel angle steel, flat steel and square steel:

Stainless steel angle steel: specifications ∠10mmX10mm——∠150mmX150mm

The use of angle steel: widely used in building structures and engineering construction, such as: house beams, ship beams, industrial furnaces, etc.

Stainless steel angle steel is a long strip of steel whose two sides are perpendicular to each other and form an angle. There are equilateral stainless steel angles and unequal stainless steel angles. The two side widths of equilateral stainless steel angle steel are equal. Stainless steel flat steel and stainless steel square steel: specifications 10mmX10mm——750mmX750mm

Flat steel, square steel use: used in industrial manufacturing, such as: household sinks, stainless steel valves, medical products, etc.

Stainless steel is widely used. In industrial facilities, experts expect that the production award in the electrical field will increase the consumption of stainless steel from 8% to 10%; in the water industry, as people increase environmental awareness, thin-walled stainless steel water pipes are safe and reliable. The advantages of hygiene and environmental protection have attracted more and more attention; in the environmental protection industry, industrial waste gas, garbage and sewage treatment facilities will be made of stainless steel, and the automotive industry is the starting point for large-scale use of stainless steel.





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