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What Are The Differences Between Hot Rolled Steel Sheet And Cold Rolled Steel Sheet?

May 24 2023

The steel plate is a flat steel that is poured with molten steel and pressed after cooling. It is flat and rectangular, and can be directly rolled or cut from wide steel strips.

According to rolling, steel plate can be divided into hot rolled and cold rolled.

304/304L Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plates & Sheets

1. Distinguish by carbon content

The carbon content of hot-rolled steel sheets can be slightly higher than that of cold-rolled steel sheets. The density is the same when the composition is not too close. But if the composition is very different, such as stainless steel, the density of cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel plates is about 7.9g/cm3. The specific content depends on the composition. Hot-rolled steel sheet is only more ductile, and steel is also under pressure.

2. distinguish by density

Hot-rolled steel plates are divided into structural steel, low-carbon steel, and welded steel, and then find the steel you need according to various steels, and check the density and composition of the specific steel.

The hot-rolled steel sheet has low hardness, easy processing and good ductility. The surface quality of the hot-rolled steel sheet is poor (oxidation\low finish), but it has good plasticity. Generally, it is medium and thick plate, cold-rolled plate, high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, and generally thin plate, which can be used as a stamping plate.

The cold-rolled sheet has high hardness and is relatively difficult to process, but it is not easy to deform and has high strength.

3, distinguish by production process

The production processes of hot-rolled steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets are different. Hot-rolled steel sheet is rolled at high temperature, and cold-rolled is fried at room temperature. Generally speaking, cold-rolled steel sheets have better strength, and hot-rolled steel sheets have better ductility. China Iron and Steel Spot Net has detailed quotation differences between hot-rolled steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets. Generally, the thickness of cold rolled is relatively small, and the thickness of hot rolled can be larger. The surface quality, appearance, and dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled steel sheets are better than those of hot-rolled steel sheets, and the thickness of their products is as thin as about 0.18mm, so they are more popular. For product acceptance, you can ask professionals to do it.

The mechanical properties of hot-rolled steel sheets are far inferior to cold working and second to forging processing, but they have better toughness and ductility.

Cold-rolled steel plate has a certain degree of work hardening and low toughness, but it can achieve a better yield ratio. It is used for cold-bending spring sheets and other parts. At the same time, because the yield point is closer to the tensile strength, there is no danger during use. Foreseeability, accidents are prone to occur when the load exceeds the allowable load.

The difference between hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate:

1) The cold plate is cold rolled and the surface has no oxide skin and is of good quality. The hot-rolled steel plate is processed by hot rolling, and the surface has an oxide scale, and the thickness of the plate has a drop.

2) The hot-rolled steel sheet has poor toughness and surface smoothness, and the price is low, while the cold-rolled steel sheet has good stretchability and toughness, but the price is more expensive.

3) Rolling is divided into cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel sheets, and the recrystallization temperature is the distinguishing point.

4) Cold rolling: Cold rolling is generally used to produce strip, and its rolling speed is relatively high.

Hot rolled steel sheet: the temperature of hot rolling and the temperature of forging

5) The surface of the non-plated hot-rolled steel plate is dark brown, and the surface of the non-plated cold-rolled steel plate is gray. After electroplating, it can be distinguished from the smoothness of the surface. The smoothness of the cold-rolled steel plate is higher than that of the hot-rolled steel plate.





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