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Ultra-supercritical High-efficiency Power Generation Technology Strikes, Are You Out Of Date?

May 24 2023

I. What is "ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology"? Welcome to learn with Ronsco!

In the field of coal power production, the higher the steam pressure, temperature and other parameters,the higher the energy efficiency. The steam temperature in the furnace is not lower than 593℃, or the steam pressure is not lower than 31MPa, which is called ultra-supercritical. The technology that uses such steam to drive the steam turbine to generate electricity is the supercritical coal-fired power generation technology.

At the series of press conferences on the theme of "China's Decade", Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, mentioned the technology many times, and said that after 15 years of research and development, China has made breakthroughs in ultra-supercritical power generation. At present, China's coal consumption for power supply can reach a minimum of 264 g/kWh, which is at the leading level in the world.

Compared with ordinary thermal power generation technology, ultra-supercritical generator sets have higher thermal efficiency and lower coal consumption rate. Under the circumstance that clean energy cannot completely replace coal power generation for the time being, this technology can allow the same amount of coal to generate more power, alleviating the problem of insufficient power generation capacity.

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II. Stainless Steel Industry Limiting Factors

First, CO2 peak target

For the stainless steel industry, China hasset a target of peaking carbon dioxide emissions by 2025 and dropping 30% from peak levels by 2030. This suggests that China's blast furnace output must fall by more than 30% by 2030 to meet the target.

Then, Electricity curtailment policy affects stainless steel production

The proportion of Chinese electric furnace enterprises equipped with blast furnace processes is relatively high. Although the proportion of self-generated electricity in stainless steel enterprises has gradually increased in recent years, the power curtailment policy still has a considerable impact on stainless steel production. It is the scrap stainless steel short-process enterprises that have a greater degree of influence. These enterprises mainly produce long products, such as 17-4ph stainless steel bar, nitronic 60 bar etc., and the power consumption of the enterprises accounts for more than 60% and there is no self-provided power plant to adjust the production rhythm. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places are rich in scrap stainless steel resources, and power curtailment has a great impact on the production of enterprises.

III. The impact

"Ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology" can promote the transformation and upgrading of coal-fired power units, improve the utilization efficiency of thermal coal, reduce thermal coal consumption in the stainless steel industry, and promote clean energy consumption. Leave more room for emissions to be produced in the stainless steel industry.

In addition, "ultra-supercritical high-efficiency power generation technology" is conducive to alleviating the impact of power and production restrictions on the stainless steel industry, helping stainless steel enterprises to reasonably adjust production, and stabilize the output and production price of stainless steel products.





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