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The Trend Of Stainless Steel Prices in China in The Next Three Months

May 24 2023

Below is some information about stainless steel market for your reference.Hope it's helpful for you.

1. Stainless Steel Trends in the past 4 months

As you can see from below chart for stainless steel price in China market,it is keep going up dramatically the last couple months,which reached the highest level in the past seven years.

Stainless Steel Trends in the past 4 months

2. Reason for rising

This year, China and Russia both cut production and raise taxes.

The United States and South Korea started the overhaul of their mills.

The price of steel has been rising and will continue rising in the second half of 2021.

Professional in the industry pointed out that the big action of the four countries affected steel supply.
The U.S. administration launched large-scale infrastructure projects, which boost the demand of steel materials. It is estimated that the global hot-rolled steel production shortfall will exceed 2 million tons.

3. Trends in future

Chairman of Sinosteel said, The shortage phenomenon of steel caused by global steel supply and demand imbalance will be more and more serious as the time is more approaching end of 2021. The global steel prices will keep rise till the first half of 2022.

Futhermore,there might be a new policy for add export tax from Auguest in China.It increases the cost for stainless steel further.

4. Marketing Strategies

In response to the continually rising market for stainless steel,along with rising cost for sea freight,the ealier you make the purchase plan,the cheaper you get the material.





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