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Process Introduction In The Process Of Bending Pipe

May 24 2023

Process introduction in the process of bending pipe

The pipe bending should be made with a pipe with a positive wall thickness tolerance. The bending radius of the high-pressure steel pipe should be greater than 5 times the outer diameter, and the bending radius of other pipes should be greater than 35 times the outer diameter of the pipe; when making sewing pipes, the welding seam should avoid pipes; stainless steel pipes should be eluted by cold bending , Aluminum-manganese alloy pipes must not be cold-bent for pipe-bending, while pipe elbows of other materials can be cooled or hot-bent. High and medium metal steel pipes do not allow water, and low-metal steel pipes are generally not suitable for watering, and the thermal bending should be cooled slowly at 5°C. When hot pipe bending is used for pipe bending, dry fine sand shall be installed according to the regulations regardless of pipe diameter.

Use high-alloy steel pipes or colored metal pipes. Mechanical methods are recommended, and excavation is not allowed when sand is made. When the lead pipe is heated, it will not be sanded. In addition to the temperature of the production elbow, the wall thickness is maintained at 900°C or higher, and the wall thickness is greater than 19 mm, and the heat treatment should be carried out according to the regulations. When the pipe is processed, the mechanical properties will be changed so that the steel pipe is preferably 800°C to 900°C, the heating temperature should not exceed 1000°C, and the bending temperature should not be lower than 800°C. The thermal bending temperature is preferably 950°C to 1000°C, the heating temperature should not exceed 1050°C, and the bending temperature should not be less than 800°C.

During the processing of high-pressure elbows, the quality should be carefully checked during the processing, and there should be a switching procedure between each process. Tubes that should be scrapped should be covered immediately and stored separately. In the process of elution, we must not only use technical processes, but also need to take appropriate control measures. For example, in the process of product processing, if the temperature exceeds a certain range, the surface of the product will show a certain degree of deformation, so that the surface of the product will have a large number of fine cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably control the temperature during the bending process.

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