310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar, SS 310 Round Bars, UNS S31000 Stainless Steel Round Bar, 1.4845 Stainless Steel Round
310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar
310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar
310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar
310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar
310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar

310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bar

310 stainless steel is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, 310s has much better creep strength, can continue to operate at high temperatures, and has good resistance High temperature. Applications: petroleum, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food, machinery, construction, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries! Quality management: ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, production license, etc.! Remarks: Stainless steel rods of various materials and specifications can be customized non-standard.
RONSCO Stainless Steel Bar Parameter Table
Product Name

310 (UNS S31000, 1.4845) Stainless Steel Round Bars

Equivalent Grades AISI 310, UNS S31000, 1.4845, X8CrNi25-21, JIS SUS 310
Type  Cold drawn, Hot rolled, Forged
Shape Round bar, Flat Bar, Square bar, Hexagonal bar

Seamless tube: EN 10216-5, NFA 49-217

Seamless and welded tube: ASTM A789

Seamless and welded pipe: ASTM A790

Flanges and valves: ASTM A182

Fittings: ASTM A182; A815

Plate, sheet and strip: ASTM A240, EN 10088-2

Bar and shapes: ASTM A276, A479, EN 10088-3 

Forged billets: EN 10088-3

Available Grades

Stainless steel 301 / 302 / 303 / 304 / 304L / 310 / 310S / 316L / 316Ti / 316LN / 317L / 321 / 410 /420 /430 / 904L / 2205 / 2507 / 32760 / 253MA / 254SMo / XM-19 / S31803 / S32750 / S32205 / F50 / F60 / F55 / F60 / F61 / F65 etc
Monel 400 / Monel K-500 
Inconel 600 / Inconel 601 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 617 / Inconel 690 / Inconel 718 / Inconel X-750
Incoloy A-286 / Incoloy 800 / Incoloy 800H / Incoloy 800HT
Incoloy 825 / Incoloy 901 / Incoloy 925 / Incoloy 926
Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90 / Nimonic 105 / Nimonic C263 / L-605
Hastelloy B / Hastelloy B-2 / Hastelloy B-3 / Hastelloy C / Hastelloy C-276 / Hastelloy C-22
Hastelloy C-4 / Hastelloy C-2000 / Hastelloy G-35 / Hastelloy X / Hastelloy N
PH stainless steel 15-5PH / 17-4PH / 17-7PH 
Diameter 6mm - 600mm
Finish  Bright, Pickling, Black, Polished,
Packing Wooden box, Waterproof polybag
Inspection  TUV,BV,ABS,LR and so on
Application  Construction, shipbuilding, Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio-Medical, Petrochemical & Refinery, Environmental, Food Processing, Aviation, Chemical Fertilizer, Sewage Disposal, Desalination, Waste Incineration etc.
Processing Service  Machining : Turning / Milling / Planing / Drilling / Boring / Grinding / Gear Cutting / CNC Machining  
Deformation processing :  Bending / Cutting / Rolling / Stamping 
Delivery Time 7-40 days
Payment  T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union,MoneyGram,According to customer requirements payments for offline orders.
Transportation By air, by sea, by train, by truck
Sample Free
Warranty Trade assurance after sales service



Product Details of 310 Stainless Steel Round Bars:

The weight calculation formula of 310 stainless steel round bar: 0.785 × round rod diameter (mm) × round rod diameter (mm) × round rod length (mm) × 7.93 ÷ 1000000 The weight calculated in this way is kilograms.


The process flow of the 310 stainless steel bar production line: 

billet acceptance → heating → rolling → double-length cutting → cooling → cutting → inspection → packaging → measurement → storage.


310 Stainless Steel Overview:


The chemical composition of 310 stainless steel is based on chromium and nickel, with elements such as molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and titanium added.

310 stainless steel is austenitic corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel with strong oxidation resistance. Mostly used as heat-resistant steel. After increasing the carbon content in austenitic stainless steel, its strength is improved due to its solid solution strengthening effect. Because its organization is a face-centered cubic structure, it has high strength and creep strength at high temperatures. Also due to the large coefficient of linear expansion, it is inferior to the thermal fatigue strength of ferritic stainless steel.



Stamping dies, fixtures, tools, gauges, paper cutters, auxiliary tools, etc.

Improve the fragile nature of the usual carbon tool steel, and extend the life of the tool. Vacuum degassing refined steel with stable quality. Good hardenability, oil-cooled hardening (less quenching and deformation), good toughness and wear resistance, and durable tools.


Chemical Composition & Physical Properties:

C :≤0.08, Si :≤1.500,  Mn :≤2.00,  P :≤0.035,  S :≤0.030,  Ni :≤19.00-22.00,Cr :≤24.00-26.00

Tensile strength (бb) (Mpa): ≥520 Yield strength (σs) (Mpa): ≥205 Area reduction (ψ)%: ≥50

Mechanical properties ób(MPa)≥520, ó0.2(MPa)≥205, δ5(%)≥40, Ψ(%)≥50, HB≤187 It can withstand high temperature above 1150℃. Melting point is 1398℃~1454℃


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