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Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube
Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube
Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube
Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube
Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube

Ultra Pure Ferritic Welded Tube

Thickness:0.3-3mm; Outer Diameter:6-114mm; Supply Ability:2000 Ton/Tons per Month thin wall stainless steel tube Material:400series;

Ferritic stainless steel is a type of chromium alloy that has ferritic structure at elevated and room temperature with body-centered cubic crystal structures. It has a chemical composition consisting of C≤0.02% and Cr 10.5%~32% and cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Ferritic stainless steel is used in comprehensive applications with excellent general properties and is taken as a kind of primary nickel-saving stainless steel. Utral-pure Ferritic is referring to the gap element such as carbon, the nitrogen content of ferritic stainless steel which is very low, C+N≤120ppm-400ppm(250ppm,150ppm),at any temperature, its microstructure is ferritic structure, the chromium content of 17%-30% and 0-4% molybdenum content of iron base chrome molybdenum alloy.


409L、444、436L and so on hyperpure ferritic stainless steel, 

The current development of steel grades: exhaust system (409 l, 429, 436 l, 439 m, 441), decoration (439, 443), water system (444、445/445J1/445J2)/446


ASTM A268 Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Ferritic and Martensitic Stainless Steel Tubing for General Service

JIS G3463 Stainless Steel for Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes

GB/T 30065 Welded ferritic stainless steel tubes for feedwater heater

GB/T 30066 Welded ferritic stainless steel tubes for heat-exchanger and condenser


A: Good resistance to stress corrosion, all kinds of partly corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance medium uniform corrosion ability (including high temperature oxidizing)

B, low density, under the condition of the same weight, the material can be saved 2.5%

C, heat conduction performance is good

D, small thermal expansion coefficient

E, the large modulus of elasticity

F, good processing performance

1. The cold hardening tends to be low, for larger cold deformation, generally without intermediate annealing

2. Easy to cold bending, stamping, beading, pressure testing, cold forging, and cutting

3. Good deep-drawing performance.


• Heat Exchangers

• Boilers

• Condensers

• Chemical and Petrochemical

• Fertilizer Industry


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