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Plate Bending
Plate Bending
Plate Bending
Plate Bending
Plate Bending

Plate Bending

Bending refers to the deformation of the steel plate under the action of force. The effect of this force is the final result of the resultant force. It is a stamping process for bending metal sheets, pipes and profiles into workpieces with a certain curvature, shape and size. Bending forming is widely used in the manufacture of high-pressure vessels, boiler drums, boiler tubes, steel plates and ribs of ship hulls, various utensils, instrument components, and cabinet inserts. According to process characteristics, bending can be divided into press bending, roll bending and stretch bending. Press bending is the most commonly used bending method. Most of the equipment used are general mechanical presses or hydraulic presses, but also special bending presses. The commonly used bending equipment is a plate bending machine.

Bending is done at room temperature or heating. Normal temperature processing uses punches, rollers, bending machines, etc., while heating processing is performed by using mechanical forces such as hydraulic presses after full heating in addition to the linear heating method. Bending is usually done at room temperature, but if there is no punch or other equipment, or when the bending angle is large, and the bending radius is smaller than the thickness of the plate, it needs to be heated before bending. Heat-treated steel (Q500 is based on steel grade) is not subject to heating processing.

As a leading stainless steel nickel alloy products manufacturer and agent of Tisco & Baosteel since1996, Hunan Allianz Metal Products Co., Ltd ( Ronsco group ) has started our process fabrication center since 2010, to meet the demands of customized products from clients worldwide. 

The fabrication center is a comprehensive platform with well-equipped machine, which are imported from Japan, German, Taiwan etc. It has multi-standard, high-precision and multi-function equipments like five face CNC gantry machining centers, NC floor type boring machines, vertical / horizontal turning-milling machines, vertical / horizontal Lathes, deep-hole drilling machines, multi-drilling machines and planers, vertical machining centers, vertical / horizontal milling machines, NC planners, Laser cutting machines, bench drilling machine, rolling machine. 

Our welding center can provide NGW, SAC, automatic SAW, GMAW, TIG, SMAW, PAW, SW etc. We can provide process service like cutting, beveling, bending, rolling, press-punching, welding, drilling and lathing etc, as well as finished products and components for vessel and tank.

Product Name Plate bending
Material  Stainless steel 304 / 310S / 316L / 317L / 904L / 2205 / 2507 / 32760 / 253MA / 254SMo etc

Monel 400 / Monel K-500 

Inconel 600 / Inconel 601 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 617 / Inconel 690 / Inconel 718 / Inconel X-750

Incoloy A-286 / Incoloy 800 / Incoloy 800H / Incoloy 800HT

Incoloy 825 / Incoloy 901 / Incoloy 925 / Incoloy 926

Nimonic 75 / Nimonic 80A / Nimonic 90 / Nimonic 105 / Nimonic 263 / Nimonic L-605

Hastelloy B / Hastelloy B-2 / Hastelloy B-3 / Hastelloy C / Hastelloy C-276 / Hastelloy C-22

Hastelloy C-4 / Hastelloy C-200 / Hastelloy G-35 / Hastelloy X / Hastelloy N

Austenitic stainless steel 904L / XM-19 / 316Ti / 316LN / 371L / 310S / 253MA

DP steel 254SMo / F50 / 2205 / 2507 / F55 / F60 / F61 / F65 

A105,S355,F11, F22, 16Mn, 42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6, 18CrNiMo7-6, 31CrMoV9, 40CrNiMo,4130,4140, A350 LF2

PH stainless steel 15-5PH / 17-4PH / 17-7PH 

Bending, Cutting, Rolling, Stamping
Specifications  Customized
Precision  Customized
MOQ Customized, small order acceptable
Delivery time  7-35 days or Negotiation
QC  TUV,SGS,BV,ABS,LR and so on
Drawing format  STEP,STP,GIS,CAD,PDF,DWG,DXF etc or samples. 
Application  Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Bio-Medical, Petrochemical & Refinery, Environmental, Food Processing, Aviation, Chemical Fertilizer, Sewage Disposal, Desalination, Waste Incineration etc.
Other services  Have a supply of raw materials, Free Samples, Free drawing design, Free process design 

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